Linux Symposium

July 13th-16th, 2010
Ottawa Westin
Ottawa, Canada

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Linux Symposium

Call for Participation

Tuesday July 13th to Friday July 16th, 2010
Ottawa, Canada

You are invited to submit a proposal to participate in the 2010 Linux Symposium in Ottawa, Canada on July 13th-16th. Since 1999 the Linux Symposium has provided an independent and vendor neutral venue for key Linux contributors to gather and learn about the latest research and development conducted in the Linux community. Every year as many as 900 serious Linux developers gather at the Symposium to meet and to learn about the state of the art and we are looking forward to your contribution to the event.

Tracks & Topics

There are no limitations on the topics you may submit proposals on. The following "tracks" list some sample topics to help give you an idea of the kinds of things we are interested in but they are no means a complete listing.

Linux Kernel developments in, Drivers, NUMA, File Systems, Virtualization, Tracing, and Networking.

Infrastructure including things Cloud Computing, Clusters, infrastructure such as DBUS, gypsy, Geoclue, emerging sensor APIs, etc.

Userspace development as a track is new this year and we would like to see proposals covering development tools, as well as some on hot topics in application development including on the desktop.

Embedded Linux topics including Android, Moblin, OpenEmbedded, and many other approaches to Linux on tablets, consumer electronics and industrial uses. There has been a surge of demand for more embedded content this year this however does not mean we are not looking for "big iron" topics as well.

Miscellaneous including but not limited to Security, System Administration, practical applications, end users, political issues, developing world computing issues, etc.

Session Types

We are seeking submissions for Summits, Paper Presentations, Tutorials, Panel Discussions, Lightning Talks, and Bird of a Feather Sessions.

Summits are events co-located with the Linux Symposium, in the past we have hosted the Wireless Summit, Tracing Summit, and many others. If you have a Linux related event we can provide space for from 20 to 200 (or more) attendees.

Paper Presentations are 45 minute presentations of technical papers included in the event proceedings.

Tutorials are half-day practical educational sessions on a wide variety of topics. There is no paper required for a tutorial session but you may be asked to repeat the session if there is overwhelming demand. To preserve the interactive nature of tutorials attendance is limited.

Panel Discussions are setup as interactive sessions to discuss a particular topic, you will need to provide a list of the proposed "Panel of Experts" in your proposal.

Lightning Talks are short 10 minute presentations with no paper or slide component. An excellent way to give a quick update on the status of a project or introduce a new concept to generate buzz.

Bird of a Feather Sessions are free-form 1 hour meetings for people of similar interests to get together and discuss a particular topic.

What to Submit


You will need to prepare a short description of your proposed presentation to present to the Programme Committee for review. If accepted your abstract will be the description placed on the website and in the event programme guide. If you have multiple ideas please submit multiple abstracts. Your abstract must not exceed 300 words.

Example Paper Presentation Abstract
Linux is becoming the operating system of choice in many embedded applications. While there are many differences between developing native Linux on a quad processor system with 16Gig of Memory and 250Gig of RAID storage and developing a cross compiled Linux for a processor that costs less than the price of a good sandwich, limited to 16Meg of SDRAM, and 4 Meg of Flash, there are many things that are exactly the same.

Example Tutorial Abstract
This tutorial will teach the attendees what kind of Linux based networked systems are possible to deploy using low cost hardware and open source software. Every person will be given a device at the beginning of the class and by the end they will have created and debugged a few different devices. Knowledge of building and running a standard Kernel and an understanding of C is required.


You will also need to prepare a short biography to submit with your proposal. There is a 150 word limit. Your biography should look like:

Example Biography
Greg Kroah-Hartman is the current Linux kernel maintainer for more driver subsystems than he wants to admit. Along with maintaining the driver core, sysfs, kobject, kref, and debugfs code. He also helped start the linux-hotplug and udev projects while being one half of the kernel stable maintainer team. He is employed by SuSE Labs / Novell performing various kernel related things for them. Greg is the author of "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell", the co-author of "Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition" and a contributing editor for Linux Journal.


Details for paper format and submission are available on the Linux Symposium website at


Proposals from Monday, January 25th, 2010 until February 28th, 2010.

Committee Review will be finished by March 15th, 2010, and acceptance and rejection notifications sent.

Final papers must be submitted by May 15th, 2010.

Publication Rights

The conference requires non-exclusive publication rights to submitted papers including the publication of audio and video proceedings. Copyright is retained by the author. We do ask that we be the first organisation to publish any given paper.

The wording taken directly from the published proceedings reads as follows: "Authors retain copyright to all submitted papers, but have granted unlimited redistribution rights to all as a condition of submission."


The official language of the event is English and papers must be submitted in proofread English.

Programme Committee

James Bottomley, NovellDave Jones, Red HatDirk Hohndel, Intel
Gerrit Huizenga, IBMAndrew Hutton, Linux SymposiumMatthew Wilson
Martin Bligh, Google  

Paper Shepherds Needed

We are looking for people to help accepted presenters prepare their papers for inclusion into the proceedings. This is a new offering for 2010 and we would very much appreciate your assistance.

Website Developer Needed

We are very much in need of both a skilled graphics person to help spruce things up as well as someone with PHP/Postgres experience to help modify the registration system in response to requests for new functionality and bug fixes.

Event Promotion

Please share this Call for Participation with anyone you feel would be interested in the event, we would love to know where you are promoting the event and encourage you to send us a note at info at when you post about the event.

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